Verdeblu House


Places to see around our Hotel

Verdeblu Country Hotel is located in the south of Cilento and Campania. Its position is perfect if you want to go trekking on Mount Bulgheria or enjoy the uncontaminated sea of the 'Costa degli Infreschi e della Masseta', marine protected area. Verdeblu is 4 km from the sea of Scario and the beaches of the Gulf of Policastro.


Distance: 5 minutes drive

Scario is the largest village of San Giovanni a Piro in the province of Salerno, an important tourist destination for the quality of its waters and for its location along the Cilento coast

Infreschi and Masseta Coast

Distance: 7 minutes drive, then embarking

From the marina of Scario you can embark to visit the wonderful Infreschi Maritime Wildlife Parkand, which protects a stretch of the Cilento coast, among the most beautiful and evocative of Campania...

San Giovanni a Piro

Distance: 4 minutes drive

San Giovanni a Piro sorge su una brulla e pietrosa collina alle falde del Monte Bulgheria, da dove lo sguardo abbraccia il panorama dell'intero golfo. L'impianto architettonico del suo centro antico è tipicamente medievale...

Madonna di Pietrasanta

Distance: 8 minutses drive

San Giovanni a Piro - Pietrasanta

Il Santuario dedicato alla Madonna di Pietrasanta situato a 603 m slm, si erge su una cuspide rocciosa calcarea, che si affaccia sul golfo di Policastro...

Ciolandrea's belvedere

Distance: 10 minutses drive

About 4 km from the Verdeblu House Country Hotel, along the road that leads to the Santuario Maria SS di Pietrasanta, you reach the viewpoint of Ciolandrea

Mount Bulgheria

Distance: 15 minutes by car, then walk to the top!

Mount Bulgheria (which is the panoramic background to our structure) is 1225m high. Its name comes from Bulgarian colonists, who settled here...

Bussento river outfall

Distance: 13 minutses drive

Less than 5 miles from Verdeblu, between the famous Cilento beaches of Scario and Policastro, the Bussento River, with its clear and deep waters, flows into the Mediterranean sea...


Distance: 15 minutses drive

The village is perched on a rocky spur dominating the valleys of the rivers Mingardo and Bussento, close to Mount Bulgheria...


Distance: 35 minutses drive

The name of the small village of Palinuro is legendarily connected to a character of Eneide, the mythical Palinuro, helmsman of Aeneas's fleet. Located not far from the rivers Lambro and Mingardo...

Marina di Camerota

Distance: 35 minutses drive

The ancient village of Camerota rises on a hill at an altitude of about 300 meters. Marina di Camerota is a fraction of it. A trip by car from Verdeblu to this location, along the scenic route...


Distance: 30 minutses drive

Sapri, the last town in southern Campania, is a few kilometers from the Basilicata, on a small plain of the coast overlooking the bay of Sapri, in the Gulf of Policastro that embraces borders of three regions: Campania, Basilicata, Calabria...

WWF site Grotte del Bussento

Distance: 45 minutses drive

A deep gorge, rich in lush vegetation; at its center a stream with springs, waterfalls and an ancient mill. A path leads to the cave where the river Bussento...


Distance: 60 minutes drive

Also known as the "Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea", it is the only inhabited center of Basilicata to look out over this sea. Its historic center is perched on Mount San Biagio...

Certosa di Padula

Distance: 60 minutes drive

The Carthusian monastery of St. Lawrence, also known as Certosa di Padula, is the largest in Italy, and among the most famous. In 1998 it was declared World Heritage by UNESCO...