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La Costa della Masseta

Infreschi and Masseta Coast

From the tourist port of Scario it is possible to take a boat to visit the wonderful Costa degli Infreschi and Masseta Marine Protected Area, which protects a stretch of the Cilento coast, one of the most enchanting and evocative of Campania. The area extends from Torre Zancale, in the municipality of Camerota, to Punta Spinosa, in the municipality of San Giovanni a Piro; a few kilometers of coastline made up of inlets, caves, beaches, bays, underwater springs, framed by Mediterranean scrub, olive groves, vineyards and precious endemic species, such as Primula Palinuri. There are many testimonies of human settlements, starting from the prehistoric caves with the archaeological remains of Homo Camerotaensis, up to the medieval watchtowers. Grotta Azzurra, Grotta del Noglio, Cala Bianca, Grotta degli Infreschi, the Icolelli Pool, the spring of Santa Caterina, the beaches of Masseta, the Chapel of San Lazzaro and the Natural Botanical Garden of Marcellino, are just some of the attractions that amaze visitors.

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