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The name of the small village of Palinuro is legendarily connected to a character of Eneide, the mythical Palinuro, helmsman of Aeneas's fleet. Located not far from the rivers Lambro and Mingardo, Palinuro stands on the small peninsula of the homonymous headland, Cape Palinuro, in the heart of the Cilento Coast. The landscape is dotted with both emerged caves, that you can visit with a boat trip, and submarine caves, for which you need to be expert divers! Besides the beaches north of Palinuro of 'Molo dei Francesi' and 'Spiaggia delle Saline', going south you can find the famous Beach 'Spiaggia del Buon Dormire' (Beach of Good Sleeping) and the long sandy beach that leaves the 'Arco Naturale' and continues to the lush Marina of Camerota.

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