Places to see in the surroundings of our Hotel.

Verdeblu Country Hotel is located in the south of Cilento and Campania. Its position is perfect if you want to go trekking on Mount Bulgheria or enjoy the uncontaminated sea of the Costa della Masseta, a protected marine area in the Gulf of Policastro, but also if you want to visit a lot more destinations of high anthropological and cultural value, as well as rare beauty!


Distance: 5 minutes drive

Infreschi Maritime Wildlife Park

Distance: 7 minutes drive, then embarking

San Giovanni a Piro

Distance: 4 minutes drive

Madonna di Pietrasanta

Distance: 8 minutses drive

Ciolandrea's belvedere

Distance: 10 minutses drive
Pianoro di Ciolandrea

Mount Bulgheria

Distance: 15 minutes by car, then walk to the top!

Bussento river outfall

Distance: 13 minutes drive


Distance: 15 minutes drive


Distance: 35 minutes drive

Marina di Camerota

Distance: 35 minutes drive

WWF site Grotte del Bussento

Distance: 30 minutes drive

WWF site Grotte del Bussento

Distance: 45 minutes drive


Distance: 60 minutes drive

Certosa di Padula

Distance: 60 minutes drive